Bishop Cloud Discovery Assessments give you the complete picture of your environment's workload prior to making further cloud infrastructure investments.

What on-premise workloads should you move to the cloud? How can you plan for a successful email migration and cloud deployment? A complete migration takes more than a single solution.

Rapidly scale your resources. Leverage your existing infrastructure with our data management support. Backup and Site Recovery, powered by Azure. Learn more about Bishop Managed Services and Cloud Backup solutions.


Bishop's Managed Cloud Storage for Business

Bishop’s Managed Cloud Storage for Business is a service provided in tandem with the HubStor solution to manage your file and unstructured data in Microsoft Azure and reduce your storage footprint on-premise. Bishop will work with you to leverage the HubStor service to free up storage capacity, reduce storage costs and heighten the level of compliance, security and data governance in the cloud, with little or no user-change. Our managed service grows with you, and best of all, it’s automatically included with HubStor at no additional cost! 

Our team is expertly trained on all facets of Azure Cloud Storage and the HubStor service. We are there for you from the point your tenant is created and throughout your journey to assist with leveraging the platform and guiding you. Bishop's team will work with you to maximize your cloud storage and reduce storage costs. Learn more about our Cloud Storage Services.


IT Managed Services

Bishop provides IT Managed Services to support Office 365, EAS, Enterprise Vault, Email Migrations and Email Archive Migrations. As organizations face rapid data growth, their IT staff is faced with growing business and user demands. Bishop has a team of experts to support IT Admins and end-users. When considering a cloud infrastructure, Bishop IT Managed Services offers direct Tier 1, 2 and 3 support for clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so your IT team can focus on other business and customer demands to support your own organization growth goals. Learn more about Bishop Managed Services

EAS or Enterprise Vault (EV) clients can take advantage of Bishop Virtual Resident Admin (VRA) service which assigns an experienced and certified engineer to your existing Admin Team supporting your on-premise archive platform. Bishop VRA engineers are fully capable of project implementations and management, running system health checks, monitoring, fulfilling reporting requirements and transferring knowledge to your team. Our primary goal is to allow companies the opportunity to be immediately prepared for data management changes. Learn more about Virtual Resident Admin.


The Importance of Having a Data Management Strategy

If you don't have a data management strategy you're most likely holding on to information that has zero business value (e.g., employees’ MP3 libraries, or outdated  product datasheet) or negative value (employee PST files or old price lists). Without good data management, you're paying to store this zero/negative-value data, protect it, and actively manage it. You may find yourself paying to find this content for litigation purposes as well, especially in the case of negative-value data.

There's more to data management than the infrastructure and bulk data capacity that often comes to mind. In order to execute a strong data management strategy, organizations need to focus on the content and value of each piece of information over its lifecycle rather than the aggregate storage consumed. A good data management strategy involves identifying and cataloging end-user generated content (unstructured data) and applying policies that are appropriate for each data type. Learn more about developing a data management strategy.


Client Showcase

"The experience was definitely good"

"Terrific work in helping us with our recent upgrade"


Choosing the Right Email Archiving Solution

Not every company needs an expensive archiving tool. Some companies want to give a lot of flexibility to their end users while some want a systematic and legally defensible way to delete data based on retention policies. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Bishop supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud solutions that work with your email archive needs. We have certified and trained engineers supporting legacy archive solutions like EAS and Enterprise Vault (EV). 

As one of the first managed service providers in the email archiving space, Bishop helps organizations get ahead of data growth, and the problems it causes, by implementing archive solutions and establishing policies that meet your organization's needs. Learn more about Bishop Email Archiving.

  • Why move to Office 365?
    It's so easy to use, it's intuitive and end-users can get to that information quickly and anywhere, anytime.

  • Data Migration Considerations
    We're able to quickly adapt and provide the right strategy as things change throughout a migration.

  • Why Migrate Email and Archives?
    Mergers and Acquisitions, expiration of current archives such as EAS and NearPoint, and to benefit from cloud-based solutions such as Office 365.