Case Studies & Testimonials
  • Goulston & Storrs
    Boston, MA

    Matthew Finnigan
    Infrastructure Manager

    "Bishop's Engineers helped us get through several project milestones. As issues were highlighted and confirmed, their team was proactive to run queries and take the necessary action to support any clean-up or fixes that were required to proceed. The Project Management team was great! They scheduled weekly calls, provided responses and kept communications open and flowing. That's what you want in a service provider, especially with a complex project like this.” 
  • City of Lakeland, Florida
    Lakeland, FL

    Terry Brigman
    Director of IT

    "After personally going through multiple product POCs, we wish we would have contacted Bishop first to get us to the right archive migration solution for moving all of our data to Office 365 without failure. I absolutely recommend Bishop for their expertise in managing archive migrations.

    They have the knowledge. They understand the requirements necessary to have a successful migration. They offer the best in class archive migration tools.”
  • Burns & McDonnell
    Kansas City, MO

    Chris Woods
    Senior Systems Specialist

    “Our team was very happy with the way everything went. We originally engaged with your Account Manager, then the Project Manager and supporting Engineers. We realized at the time of engagement that we would not be ready for a while. The patience, conversation, and support we received up until we were ready to kick-start the project was above and beyond what we could have ever anticipated. Bishop was always there for us, they knew where we were at and when it was time to begin the project. Their team was raring to go! They put all the time frames together and were more than prepared."
  • Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL
    Cincinnati, OH

    Jon Holtke
    Systems Administrator

    “We have been a longtime EAS and Exchange archive solution user. As time went on, we realized we had some rather large archives in the EAS system, and we decided it was time to migrate off of EAS. The solution we went with required us to migrate our EAS archives to PST, which we knew would be a time consuming initiative that required expertise and experience. So we reached out to Bishop.

    We began the project with Bishop, and from the very beginning, through to the end, it was seamless! When we had questions or concerns during the project, at any time, we just reached out to Bishop for their support. Their responses were immediate, very concise and always correct. They got us back on path quickly. After the install of the migration tool and the certifications of our Exchange environment, our full export was completed in a matter of days, which was much quicker than we expected. 

    In working with Bishop's Support and Project teams, we really couldn’t have asked for a better Partner to achieve this part of the project. We would absolutely, 100%, recommend working with Bishop. They'll meet or exceed the expectations and timeframe with complete satisfaction.”

  • Kilpatrick Townsend
    Atlanta, GA

    Leif Hansen
    Sr. Systems Engineer

    “Similar to our past experience, Bishop’s support team did a great job of doing their part. I would highly recommend them for migration support, whether it’s as simple as getting you started, or you need them to do the entire migration. Their engineers are all very knowledgeable. I’ve never really had anyone that I’ve worked with in the past that’s been stumped by anything. They truly are all subject matter experts. I might add, my experience in working with the sales rep was very good. The rep was extremely patient while waiting for the green light to move forward with our migration project. He followed up appropriately and made sure to stay in touch to ensure we didn’t drop the ball as our EAS support was coming to an end. 

    Bishop’s team kept us on top of what we knew we needed to do and they kept the progress moving forward. Once we were ready to proceed, they all did their part and made it happen quickly and smoothly.”
  • Pierce County, Washington
    Tacoma, WA

    Michael Pawelak
    IT Systems Engineer, Supervisor

    “Working with Bishop and their teams was refreshing! As we were introduced to the Bishop team of engineers and project managers, we immediately recognized their level of expertise. They recommended the Archive360 email archive migration tool that was developed by software engineers who came from Mimosa NearPoint. They understood the intricacies of the archive system which is more critical than organizations may even realize as they consider moving their email environment to Office 365."
  • Major League Baseball - MLB, Advanced Media, LP
    New York, NY

    Michael Baron, Senior Engineer

    “The Bishop engineering and support team was phenomenal throughout the project. They are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Every time MLB had a question related to the project at hand, Bishop came back with a good answer, which was a testimony to the knowledge and expertise that the engineer on the project clearly had.  
    Often times companies will make promises and tell you they can do this or that. Bishop made a promise and delivered on their promise, all the while dealing with and adjusting to our own internal issues -- you can’t ask for anything more!”

  • State of North Carolina
    Raleigh, NC

    The State of North Carolina was one of Mimosa System’s (NearPoint) largest installations. Installed in 2010, NearPoint archived a total of 94,621 mailboxes over its lifespan with 330 TB of data. NearPoint provided personal archives of all Exchange mailboxes including email, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. In addition, NearPoint provided tools for legal discovery and data protection.

    The State of North Carolina made the decision to move its on-premise Exchange Servers to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based email. Along with the active email migration, help was needed to migrate their NearPoint archive to Microsoft Office 365 Personal Archives.
  • GentlePro Home Health Care, Inc.
    Schaumburg, IL

    Reynaldo Querubin

    “Bishop knows what they’re doing. They understand the ins and outs of using Office 365 and the implementation process. They know what it takes to get it running because they’re familiar with just about every product feature. They understand which Office 365 products are relevant to my specific line of business - recognizing that every business need is unique and addressing my needs specifically, is commendable. I would highly recommend Bishop to other small businesses looking to move to Office 365.”
  • Boston Redevelopment Authority
    Boston, MA

    Daniel W. Tewfik
    IT Project Manager

    "As an agency, we would recommend Bishop. If you’re looking to move from Exchange to Gmail, Bishop can get the job done for you. They have the resources to support the project and follow through with the necessary reporting to keep you informed of progress each step of the way. Ongoing communication managed by Bishop PMO was the key to our project’s success.”
  • Cloud Sherpas
    Atlanta, GA

    Nicholas Hatch
    Director of Enterprise Migrations for North America

    “The Bishop team was able to come in and do a deep dive review of our client’s infrastructure to determine if there were any alternate ways for us to extract the data. Based on that review, they recommended a new tool called Archive 2-Anywhere™ from Archive360.

    I’m a fan of the tool and would absolutely bring in Bishop Technologies and Archive360 on any similar projects that arise in the future."
  • Life Insurance Provider
    North America

    Doug Dockter
    VP of IT

    “Bishop delivers as expected. The support has always been excellent - the tech people take responsibility and are pretty tenacious. Bottom line, they stick to the issue until it gets resolved! We have never been in a position where we come away from a project and Bishop didn’t fully own up to what was expected. We have never had an unresolved issue. I personally can’t say enough good about Bishop. I have my list of “go-to” companies for various needs that I have as the leader in my department. Companies on that list are there because I know I can rely on them and I’m going to get good value out of them. Bishop is definitely one of them.”
  • Armada Hoffler Properties
    Virginia Beach, VA

    TJ Masters
    IT Manager

    “Throughout this project, the Bishop team was very tenacious and persistent. We ran into difficulties beyond their control or ours, but the Bishop team pushed through to make things happen. They were extremely patient when they ran into issues with prior migration tools, or when we ran into problems on our end. They stayed on top of the project from the get-go and do a great job of keeping the line of communication going along the way, from beginning to end."
  • Grant Thornton
    Chicago, IL

    Heidi Elmer
    IT System Operations Messaging Senior Associate

    “We have been fortunate enough to have the Virtual Resident Admin (VRA) services for about 5 months now. Each time the contract is due to expire, I ask for an extension, without any hesitation. Our VRAs are fantastic. They keep our EAS environment up and running and it is so much more efficient now that we have them maintaining the environment. I have learned so much of the ins and outs of the system from our VRA; he is super responsive and always willing to help. I have requests for him almost daily and really don’t know what I would do at this point without the VRA services.”
  • David A. Noyes & Company
    Chicago, IL

    Chris Aivaliotis
    Manager of Information Technology

    “We have been a customer of Bishop for 7 years, as our EAS support partner, and had it not been for Bishop, we would not have stayed with EAS as long as we did. They were our trusted advisor and it was because of Bishop that we chose Archive360 for our archive migration solution, and we’re glad we did.

    Overall, our experience in migrating off of EAS was excellent. The entire process with Bishop and Archive360 went very well, we got done what we needed to get done, in less than the time expected and the project went smoothly.”
  • Columbia Insurance Group
    Columbia, MO

    David Vandenberghe
    System Administrator

    “We needed to migrate our email archive information from EMC EmailXtender to EMC SourceOne and at the time we started the process, EMC did not have a migration path in place. We did some research on the products available that would allow us to move our email archives. I called and spoke with Bishop’s sales representative who was very thorough in gathering all the information needed to develop a project scope and provide pricing for budgeting purposes the following year. 

    By the time we were ready to implement the project, EMC developed a product that would allow us to save on licensing costs and Bishop reduced their bid accordingly, which was a huge plus. The fact that Bishop Technologies was a certified EMC partner made a huge difference for us in the implementation process. If we tried to implement the project ourselves and then run into problems, my expectation was that we would be able to get the support we needed from Bishop. They have the support team and expertise we were looking for, to the extent that we felt we did not need to look for any other providers.
    The experience was definitely good. We were able to get all the questions answered and Bishop’s response in meeting timelines was very good, they were flexible in getting it scheduled. The process took longer than expected but that was due to issues on our side and the Bishop engineer that I worked with was extremely flexible. 

    The bottom line is that everything was clearly defined by Bishop and they laid out the things that needed to happen and what Bishop needed to do. There were no real surprises – which is a definite plus!”
  • Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP
    Denver, CO

    Thom Curtis
    Director of Technology and Services

    “We’ve been working with Bishop Technologies for over five years. They originally helped us implement our email archiving system in 2006 and we’ve maintained their support services ever since.

    When we recently needed to upgrade our email environment we knew Bishop had some core competencies in this area, so we engaged them as a consultant who could specifically help us get up and running. Initially, we had some hesitation during the implementation phase due to the scope of the project but with the technical experts at Bishop, we knew we could leverage their resources confidently. We started the project with them and they got the process going. It was really, really a positive implementation. 

    From my perspective, Bishop not only has a very strong competency in electronic messaging solutions but they know our business. Being a law firm, you have very specific nuances of your business – and Bishop understands what law firms do and knows how to deal with those nuances.

    I would like to thank the Bishop team for the terrific work in helping us with our recent upgrade.”
  • Baker Donelson
    Memphis, TN

    Alexis Meaders
    PMO Manager

    “One of my first projects when joining Baker Donelson happened to be one of the most complex projects. We were finishing up the last phase of our migration from our legacy email archive solution to a cloud-based solution. This final phase encompassed moving our PST files, which was a much larger and more challenging undertaking than I had imagined. Working with the Bishop team was great – they knew how to address resource issues, escalate problems and keep progress moving forward. I was so thankful to have Bishop’s technical support person – he knew what was going on and if he got too technical, Bishop’s PMO Manager was there to translate issues into less technical terms – they are such a great team!

    I had no idea how complex our project was going to be and it was great to have the confidence of Bishop’s team to help with issues I didn’t understand. We were on weekly calls together and as much as I’m glad to have the project successfully completed – I can honestly say I miss that call with Bishop.”

  • Association of American Railroads
    Washington, DC

    Craig Shaffer
    Senior Director - Information Technology

    "After researching a number of vendors for our recent migration project, we came to Bishop to help us with the licensing aspect of moving to Office 365 and managing a big piece of the project, our archive. We knew the archive was the most critical component of getting us into the Office 365  environment. Bishop offered good guidance for best practices for extracting our legacy archive and they provided very good leadership. They were able to facilitate a lot of questions related to our migration needs directly to the architects at Archive360, the toolset recommended to us by Bishop. Bishop took the lead from that aspect.

    We did run into a licensing threshold issue which caused us to reach our data extraction limit earlier than anticipated, which had a domino effect on creating other smaller issues for various reasons. Ultimately, this caused the migration to take longer than expected. We realized you cannot go into a project and know everything upfront, and it's how you deal with issues that make the difference in the end. In working with Bishop and the Archive360 teams, we were able to make adjustments to complete the project successfully and meet our requirements.

    The most beneficial aspect of working with Bishop was the guidance they provided and the planning process they put into place. They provided us with options related to the toolsets, which were discussed well in advance, before the project started. The consultative process helped drive decisions on what tools we were going to use and from an implementation side, Bishop oversees the project along the way and it's good to have them there, knowing they are the expert. Having Bishop's experience was a big plus for us. 

    It should also be noted that it was a pleasure working with the Sales and Pre-Sales teams. The Bishop sales representatives were always responsive to our needs. If I sent an email,  I knew I would get a timely response. Bottom line, I would recommend Bishop for migration projects because they know this business better than anyone else!"
  • Torys LLP
    Toronto, Canada

    Wan Yue Chiu
    Sr. Manager, Technology Systems and Infrastructure

    "We originally worked with Bishop several years ago when we encountered a product support need for our legacy EAS archive and Bishop has, since then, been our primary source for ongoing support needs. Last year we made the decision to migrate off of our legacy archive system and move to a cloud platform. We thought we could work through the process ourselves, but we ran into some issues which caused road blocks in our migration efforts. We decided to engage Bishop mid-stream and they were very good with allowing us time, when it was needed, to get through some of the roadblocks. Essentially we were putting the project on pause, while we worked things out with our cloud solution provider, to ultimately ensure a smooth migration process. 
    Bishop's project management team allowed us to take a backseat while they handled the migration. They did a great job following up through task creation and kept the communications flowing with email updates and weekly status meetings. All parties were advised of what needed to be done at all times. I have run different types of projects with other organizations, where professionalism is lacking and I've had to initiate tasks to make sure the project was on track. Not Bishop!
    Bishop knows how to lead the way and keep the process going. They have the expertise, the professionalism, a knowledgeable team and understand customer service like no other."