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Bishop Technologies, Inc., headquartered in a suburb of Chicago, IL, specializes in Cloud Infrastructure, Data Management and Data Migrations.  We serve companies from mid-market to the Enterprise in North America and have worked with nearly every industry in our 14 years of business.  To meet our clients’ growing requirements to cost-effectively manage, protect and leverage their data, our Solution Architects work with organizational stakeholders, in tandem with our Account and Project Management teams to design and implement the most efficient strategies.  Our network of partners and vendors continue to evolve their technologies to bring the best on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions to the market.  We add value to information systems by providing innovative technologies, established process, an experienced team and the highest quality managed services.  Bishop consolidates your IT initiatives by offering a comprehensive strategy to manage your organization’s most valuable data. Bishop: Keeping Your Data In Check™.

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Before corporate scandals changed the face of digital document storage, Bishop’s founders surveyed the market, envisioned where it was headed, and set to work providing exactly the services many companies now rely on to comply with regulations, optimize server performance and manage their information assets. Established in 2002 and going into their fourteenth year, Bishop continues to focus on emerging technologies that provide a high level of value for organizations by working with vendors and partners who are willing to build strong relationships, to support the same vision.

Bishop Founded 2002    2002    Bishop was founded

Bishop archive implementation    2003    First EAS implementation

EAS Training    2004    Launched EAS Training Program

Bishop Email Archive Migration    2009    First email archive migration completed from EAS to EV

Bishop Partners with Microsoft    2010    Became a managed partner with Microsoft

Bishop opens corporate HQ    2010    Opened corporate headquarters in Elgin, IL

10 years in business    2012    Celebrated 10 years in business

Bishop expands office    2014    Moved to larger office to accommodate growth

Bishop engaged in largest migration    2015    Engaged on 2 of the largest archive migrations in North America

Managed Cloud Storage    2016    Opened a new Cloud practice - Managed Cloud Storage for Business