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EMC SourceOne File Intelligence

EMC SourceOne File Intelligence provides visibility into the value and risk of file-based content and enables organizations to maximize the efficiency of storage investments.

EMC SourceOne File Intelligence provides file classification and search on the contents of unmanaged files, using multi-level reporting capabilities to provide actionable intelligence. EMC SourceOne File Intelligence focuses on targeted file content to implement rule-based actions, so activities like migration and cleanup occur in a predictable, systematic manner.

File Indexing and classification

Discover and classify content before taking actions like archiving.

Flexible search

Gain file visibility and insight based on keyword or concept searches.

File reporting

Make informed decisions based on file visibility, and identify properties such as owner, size, and age.

File mobility

Migrate files to secure repositories and delete unnecessary content to reduce storage costs.

Appliance-based expandability

Add functionality and capacity as needed for quick time to value.