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IT Assessment

Like many organizations today, you may be considering adding Cloud capabilities to your existing infrastructure.  Bishop has the right array of IT assessment services to help you discover the health of your infrastructure, identify the efficiency of your current storage and map out a cloud migration strategy. These assessments aim to give you a complete picture of your environment’s workloads prior to making any further investments. With these IT assessment services, Bishop can provide a comprehensive understanding of your present situation so you can better prepare for your future needs. Along with these assessments, we also offer consulting as part of our IT planning services to help you strategize what to do with this newfound information. 

Data Analysis

Analyze your data to form a comprehensive strategy

Data Profiling Assessment

A Data Profiling Assessment will analyze and filter existing archive data for capacity and project planning. This assessment is used to help create a strategic information management plan.

Learn more about our Data Profiling Assessment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are you prepared to move to the Cloud?

Office 365 Readiness Assessment

A Bishop technical resources will use a variety of tools to identify and validate the health and readiness of your existing environment. The results of the cloud assessment will provide a clear path and better understanding of your current environment to plan for the best method for migrating to Office 365. As part of the Cloud Readiness Assessment, Bishop will review all tasks that must be re-mediated prior to an Office 365 implementation.

Learn more about our Office 365 Readiness Assessment.

Open Email

How much email do you have in your archive?

e-Archive Assessment

An e-Archive Assessment analyzes and determines the health of your current source archive environment. The results of this testing influence the planning of a suggested course of action with regard to remediation, as well as the success rate of any future migrations. 

Learn more about our e-Archive Assessment.


"I have learned so much of the ins and outs of [our] system from Bishop."

Dark Data Assessment

Bishop will conduct a thorough search of file locations and sizing. A review of the findings will allow your organization to understand the analytics of the content currently under your control. This assessment will allow you to better predict and control budget and resource allocations.

Magnifying Glass

Is your organization compliant?

Designated 3rd Party "D3P" Testing and Certification

Bishop will review your archive solution to verify it is compliant with industry regulations. We will do an analysis to verify that standards are properly enforced and implemented by testing the ability to access the records, verify retention policies, journaling capabilities, searching and more.

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From these assessments, a Bishop Solution Architect will provide a written report that examines the uses and impact of your organization’s current environment. Bishop will outline any opportunities and risks, and make a recommendation on how to get the most value from your organization’s information and assets.