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What is a Bishop e-Archive Assessment?

An e-Archive Assessment analyzes and determines the health of your current source archive environment. The findings from this assessment can influence your archive management or archive retirement plans, depending on your organizational goals. This assessment, and any remediation tasks can also help predict the success rate of a future migration. Our assessment can be performed against the main electronic archive solutions such as EAS, NearPoint, Enterprise Vault, and SourceOne.

Why is an e-Archive Assessment necessary?

Companies tend to use the same archive solution for very long periods of time. While this is not necessarily a bad thing if the vendor continues to develop and improve the product, problems can arise if the archive has not been maintained over the years by either the vendor or client. We’ve come across many archive environments that have been neglected and require years of overdue routine maintenance, upgrades, and remediation, as proactive archive management often takes a back seat when human and capital resources are needed elsewhere. A company could potentially go years without this really mattering too much, but there are two scenarios where archive problems are magnified:

If you’re unable to quickly and completely obtain emails from your archive for litigation, you could be fined, or face adverse legal decisions.

Archive migration
Similarly, a poorly-maintained archive can become an issue when you decide to migrate to a new archive system, or to the cloud. Inadequate archive management can lead to migration complications, increased costs and timelines.

 The purpose of this assessment is to discover any issues so that you can act on them.

This assessment includes:

  • Data Collection – Bishop will conduct virtual web meetings with your Management, Technical and/or Legal Teams, where Bishop will examine your email archiving solutions. It is critical that all requested information be supplied to the best of the ability of the organization.

  • Installation Review and Statistical Performance Collection – Bishop Technical Staff will conduct an assessment and viewing of the environment during a virtual web meeting. The Bishop team will run tasks and collection operations to document and assess the current installation, performance statistics, and functional tests to understand any key operational issues. This session will involve console access to the systems in the environment and can involve installing and running assessment and diagnostic tools.

  • Analysis and Documentation Preparation – Bishop Technical Staff will compile all information supplied, and produce a full consultant report, based on our findings.

Bishop’s e-Archive assessment findings will detail what needs to be fixed to ensure you’re on top of your archive management. The remediation solutions and recommendations can be completed by your team or ours, depending on your experience with archive solutions, and resources.

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