Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Office 365 Readiness

Organizations of all size, from all industries and locations, are migrating from on-premise solutions to Office 365 to centrally manage their information, messaging, collaboration and productivity solutions. Because Office 365 is such a comprehensive solution, there are many functional areas that need to be taken into consideration. Bishop’s Office 365 Readiness Assessment will provide a better understanding of your current environment, and a clear path for migrating to Office 365. As office 365 migration experts, we can recommend specific remediation tasks that will make your move to the Microsoft cloud much smoother.

In order to get the most out of your Office 365 subscription, it’s important that it is implemented correctly, and important that all of your information is migrated fully (mailboxes, email archives, SharePoint, Public Folders, etc.). If your systems are not prepared and in optimal working conditions, you may run into problems, which can slow down user-adoption and productivity.


Office 365 Readiness Assessment - Benefits

  • Understanding the state of your current environment
  • Identifying all steps needed to move to Office 365
  • Clear and concise estimate of effort and resources needed for a migration
  • Better understanding of Office 365 and its features


Office 365 Readiness Assessment - Features

  • Active Directory Health and preparedness check
  • Network Readiness Assessment
  • Project and Migration Timeline
  • Accurate Effort estimate
  • Project Management assessment


Possible risks of migrating without an Office 365 assessment

  • Going over budget
  • Missing deadlines
  • Unexpected outages
  • Data loss
  • Decreased user satisfaction


Office 365 Readiness Assessment Process

Assessment Introduction
We’ll discuss assessment expectations with you and develop a clear understanding of your goals.

Discovery Analysis
Bishop will remotely analyze and review your Active Directory topology/structure and Exchange infrastructure to determine the health of the environment. This will help us to assess any remediation steps that may be necessary.

Office 365 Assessment Reporting
After our thorough investigation of your systems, the results of the analysis will be compiled and analyzed. This will be provided to you and it will outline the health of your current environment, and readiness for an Office 365 Migration. The report will address any issues/risks that must be resolved prior to starting pilot migrations to Office 365.

Review Office 365 Readiness Assessment Report
Once the report has been provided, we will provide a virtual workshop to walk through the report, and answer any questions or concerns regarding our findings and recommended course of action.


Qualified by Microsoft

Bishop holds several Microsoft Partner Competencies, and our engineers are continuously working towards additional Microsoft certifications and competencies. Currently Bishop holds Gold Cloud Productivity, Silver Messaging, and Silver Data Platform competencies. We’ve completed many migrations to Office 365, which allows us to provide insights into the complexities of moving to the cloud.