Archive Migration Services

Archive and Data Migration Service

Organizations are making the move to the cloud for their email management needs, and Microsoft Office 365 is quickly becoming the cloud destination of choice. Once the decision is made to migrate the data, there are a few areas that management and IT departments need to take into consideration. Organizations need to look at their live Exchange email as well as their archives when considering a data migration. Often times companies will overlook their archive when migrating, but it's important to move the archive to 1) maintain stability to user experience and 2) ensure historical email data is accessible for compliance purposes.

Bishop's Migration Managed Service is backed by years of experience in archive migration and data migration with a comprehensive engineering staff and project management team to support and manage your unique needs. Bishop has the resources to move your data (archives, mailboxes, PST's, etc.) to your new environment with a proven migration process to reduce costs, complexities and timeline of the overall data migration project.   

Why Clients choose Bishop for Archive Migration Support and Data Migration Services

Bishop has supported over 1,800 archive migration projects to date, consisting of more than 4 petabytes of data. The experiences among Clients supported are shared in Bishop success stories and Client testimonials.

“Working with Bishop and their teams was refreshing! As we were introduced to the Bishop team of engineers and project managers, we immediately recognized their level of expertise. They understood the intricacies of the archive system which is more critical than organizations may even realize as they consider moving their email environment to Office 365. At Pierce County, we understood our own email systems, we knew how to migrate the email, but we didn’t know anything about how to handle the archive." 
Pierce County, Washington

“The Bishop engineering and support team was phenomenal throughout the project. They are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Every time MLB had a question related to the project at hand, Bishop came back with a good answer, which was a testimony to the knowledge and expertise that the engineer on the project clearly had. The entire migration project was a very painstaking process for MLB due to the visibility this project had within the organization."
Major League Baseball - MLB, Advanced Media, LP

"Bishop was chosen based on their recommended solution and knowledge in the archive migration space, especially when migrating to Microsoft Office 365. We went to the Microsoft Ignite conference specifically to find a vendor who could support our migration needs." 
Burns & McDonnell

"I would highly recommend [Bishop] for migration support, whether it’s as simple as getting you started, or you need them to do the entire migration. Their engineers are all very knowledgeable. I’ve never really had anyone that I’ve worked with in the past that’s been stumped by anything. They truly are all subject matter experts." 
Kilpatrick Townsend


Features of our Migration Managed Services

  • Bishop Migration team assigned, starting at up to 1 hour/day M-F ((Migration processing capable of running 24/7)
  • Migration Managed Service available in 1-month Increments
  • Migration completion reporting (sample upon request)  
  • Support of migration software (upgrades, patches,troubleshooting)

What is the migration process?

We’re able to successfully complete migration projects because of our proven process and the experience we’ve gained from implementing and supporting migration projects for almost 10 years. There are concrete steps to the migration process, whether we’re executing a mailbox migration, archive migration, or a proof of concept.   

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