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Why Azure cloud services are expanding 

With the massive increase in data growth that organizations face today, many are looking at cloud storage solutions, like Microsoft Azure, as they begin to realize their on-premise expansion needs are no longer meeting the fast-pace growth that demands space, hardware refresh and added infrastructure management. Bishop, with HubStor services, can help organizations reduce their on-premise storage footprint and assist with creating value from their cloud services, like never before. For more information on the HubStor solution, check out our cloud archiving page.


Bishop's Managed Cloud Storage for Business

Bishop's Managed Cloud Storage for Business is a managed cloud service provided with HubStor to leverage your files and unstructured data in Microsoft Azure and reduce your storage footprint on-premises. Bishop will work with you to leverage the HubStor service to free up storage capacity, reduce storage costs and heighten the level of compliance, security and data governance in the cloud, with little or no user-change. Our managed service grows with you, and best of all, it's automatically included with HubStor!


Cloud storage services overview, what we provide

Our team is expertly trained on all facets of Azure cloud services and the HubStor service. We are there for you from the point your tenant is created and throughout your journey to assist with leveraging the platform and guiding you. Bishop's team will work with you to maximize your cloud storage and reduce storage costs. 

  • Constant Support with Scheduled Checkups and Advisory Sessions
    We'll provide checkups and advise you on your HubStor tenant with expert recommendations to leverage HubStor cloud services. Our team will assist with policy review to ensure requirements are met and introduce best practices for new features and capabilities, as they are added.
  • Compliance and Governance Best Practices with Search and eDiscovery
    Our experts help you take advantage of the elastic search capabilities of the HubStor service to identify what repositories to index, what metadata to include in the full text index, and how to perform your data searches. We understand and can help you with establishing Archiving, Retention, and DLP policies.
  • Managing Capacity with Storage Repository Creation
    Our managed cloud services support you with setting up your HubStor storage repositories based on organizational needs, including setting up the type of storage replication required, per repository. Our team of experts will work with you.
  • Risk Reduction with Cloud Security and Encryption
    We will make sure that your HubStor tenant is secure from integrating your AD environment and allowing the proper access controls, establishing data encryption, PII detection, DLP policies and setting up Activity Auditing.
  • Fluid Business, with High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (HR)
    We will address your HA / DR needs when it comes to your tenant. Whether you have multiple offices nationally, or around the world, we can configure your tenant to make each repository match up to the Azure Datacenter that is closest to them as well as support your storage replication needs. 

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Check out our Managed Cloud Storage for Business service overview.

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