Virtual IT Services

Virtual IT Services

Maximize your archiving ROI with Bishop Virtual Resident Admin (VRA), our virtual IT services to support your archive! On a daily basis, a Bishop Engineer works as part of your IT admin team to stabilize, maintain, and enhance your email archive platform, protecting your investment and ensuring it meets and exceeds your expectations.

What is Bishop Virtual Resident Admin?

Bishop is an IT Managed Service provider focused on archive services. A Virtual Resident Admin (VRA) is an experienced and certified engineer who is assigned to your Administrator Team to support IT. They are fully capable of project implementations and management, running system health checks and monitoring, fulfilling daily/weekly/monthly reporting requirements and transferring knowledge to your team. The goal of our virtual tech support team is to allow companies that do not have the expertise or resources to care for their archive environment, the opportunity to be immediately prepared and properly staffed. Our VRA service provides a committed and expert-level engineer to overlook and maintain the archive system for up to 2 scheduled hours a day for the duration of your contract. Bishop's virtual IT services team takes care of issues that arise during ongoing maintenance, problem prevention, and continuously manage and report on progress.

  • Features & Benefits


    • Pre-set schedule (up to 2 hours per day)
    • Focused and dedicated attention to your archive environment
    • Customizable and scalable
    • Archive platform knowledge transfer
    • Team reliability & consistency
    • Personal consulting & advice with best practices
    • Enhanced access to vendor support


    • Focus internal resources on profitable IT projects
    • Maximize your archiving ROI
    • Prepare your archive for a successful migration

What will my VRA do?

Daily tasks performed by our virtual tech support team: Maintenance of the Archive; System, Application and storage Health Checks, and following any impromptu, short or long term Administrative Requests.

As your IT Managed Service provider, we also produce a summary of weekly checks performed, open issues, and outline the plan for remediation of those open issues as well as the overall status.

Who can benefit from Virtual Resident Admin?

  • Green-staffed companies lacking email archive product experience
  • Short-staffed companies with day-to-day email archiving and reporting needs
  • Fully-staffed companies with eDiscovery demands and/or short-term project demands
  • Transitioning departments or companies going through mergers and acquisitions

How can my company save with Virtual Resident Admin?

The value and cost savings a VRA can bring to an organization varies depending on each individual situation; however, there are some defined costs to consider when evaluating the benefit of a Bishop virtual tech support service.

  • Each VRA is qualified and up-to-date on the archives Bishop supports - no need to pay for specialized certifications and training.
  • A VRA will always be available for your VRA window. If your regular VRA is unavailable (outside of national and company Holidays), another VRA will step in – no PTO or sick days.  
  • If your IT staff becomes unavailable for the day, your VRA can step in and minimize the burden on your other IT staff – no lost time.

VRA service options





Contract Length 
12 Months

  1-11 Month(s)
 Professional Services Hours

 Support Level
(24x7 and 2-hour SLA*)

(8x5 and 4-hour SLA*)

“We have been fortunate enough to have the VRA services for about 5 months now. Each time the contract is due to expire, I ask for an extension, without any hesitation. Our VRAs are fantastic. They keep our EAS environment up and running and it is so much more efficient now that we have them maintaining the environment. I have learned so much of the ins and outs of the system from our VRA; he is super responsive and always willing to help. I have requests for him almost daily and really don’t know what I would do at this point without the VRA services.”

- Financial Services VRA Client

VRA can also help prepare your archive

If you’re unsure about the longevity of your current archive or in the early stages of revising your messaging strategy, a Bishop Engineer will work as part of your IT admin team to put your archive in its best working order, giving you peace of mind, ensuring a quick and smooth migration when you’re ready. 
Virtual Resident Admin

Check out the Bishop VRA Brochure for further details and FAQs!

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