Support Services

Managed IT Support Services


Bishop provides product support for archive solutions and Office 365. The differing levels of client needs are managed with varying support options provided by Bishop, from a 24-hour SLA, to a 24x7, 2-hour SLA. We offer support in all areas that interact with the solution in order to assure optimum performance. To ensure we meet our Service Level Agreement (SLA), our technical support is managed through our online Bishop Support Portal, which offers clients the ability to create and track their case, as well as interact with support staff directly. Beyond the basics of support, our rapidly expanding knowledgebase is available on the Bishop Support Portal to enhance application support coverage. Clients can select the support level that works best for their organization – Platinum, Gold, or Silver. Our specialized teams of engineers are highly certified by our solution vendors using third-party certification organizations for peer acceptance and recognition.

Benefits of IT Managed Support Services:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve user experience and adoption
  • Lighten the load of internal IT support team
  • Decrease costs associated with maintaining legacy systems

Archive Managed Support Services

When it comes to email archive solutions, oftentimes the system has been around longer than the admin managing it, and they may not know the ins and outs. Bishop’s knowledgeable engineers have extensive experience managing, maintaining, and fixing legacy archives such as EAS, and Enterprise Vault. You may not have the time, or expertise, to investigate and resolve archive issues, but we do.

Common problems our managed support services address:

  • Items aren’t being archived
  • Indexer is not working correctly
  • Search results are incorrect
  • Experiencing storage issues
  • Backups not working as planned
  • Users unable to open archived email
  • Product upgrade assistance

EAS Support

Bishop provides three different levels of support to oversee your EAS environment and leverage your enterprise archive solution to ensure it's running smoothly and you are best leveraging the features to meet your organization's data and governance requirements.
Learn more about EAS Support.

Enterprise Vault Support

Bishop provides silver, gold, and platinum support to oversee your Enterprise Vault environment and leverage your archive solution to ensure it's running smoothly and you are best leveraging the features to meet your organization's data and regulatory requirements.
Learn more about EV Archive Support.

Bishop can also support other archives. Please contact us to see if we provide support coverage of your archive solution.


Cloud Support Services

Office 365 Support

Bishop provides direct Tier 1, 2, and 3 support for Office 365 end-users and administrators. Whether you're in the process of migrating to Office 365, or already there, we can help minimize the burden on your internal IT resources, so they can focus on other IT projects. We keep up-to-date on the entire Office 365 portfolio.
Learn more about Office 365 Support.


What makes us different?

Bishop Technologies, Inc. goes above and beyond your expectations for managed support services. Not only are we able to support your Information Management Strategy and Projects through initial implementation, but we are also able to support you all along the way. Bishop takes over where standard vendor coverage stops - covering all aspects of your information management support needs. Spend your time completing high-value projects, and let Bishop solve these one-off, specific problems.

If you’re looking for archive implementation services, migration project management, Azure Managed Cloud Storage, or proactive archive management, please take a look at our Managed Services offerings.

Bishop's Enhanced Support Service Levels

Features Silver Gold Platinum
Direct Support Availability Monday-Friday
8am-5pm CTS*
8am-5pm CTS*
SLA Case Response Time 24 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Annual Online Professional Services - 4 Hours 8 Hours
Additional Online Professional Services Discount -
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Bishop Support Services

  • Quality

    • Engineer certifications
    • 99% SLA acknowledgement
    • In-house lab to replicate client issues
    • U.S.based client support
  • Flexibility

    • 24/7 access to support available; including access to Knowledgebase
    • Three support plans to fit your needs and budget
    • Secure, cloud-based data management support system
  • Access

    • Phone 
    • Email
    • Online Client Portal

Experienced Support Engineers


Cameron Burke

Mike Nguyen

Mike has been supporting archive solutions for over six years with a focus on EAS and SourceOne. He enjoys working with all Bishop ESS Clients to thoroughly and successfully resolve support cases. When he’s not supporting archives and clients’ Azure environments, he enjoys working out, reading, going to the movies, and volunteering at his church.  

What our Clients say about Mike -
“Just wanted to send a note saying how great Mike Nguyen is to work with. He is always pleasant and quickly gets us back up and running."

Cameron Burke

Cameron has been supporting archives for almost 9 years. He is a Certified EAS Engineer, certified on EMC SourceOne, and also holds Microsoft SQL 2005 & 2008 certifications. He likes golfing, working on his house, and spending time in Colorado and Europe when he’s not helping clients with archiving. Cameron has a Computer Science degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology (with minors in Electrical Engineering and Physics).

What our Clients say about Cameron -
"Cameron is always great to work with; he goes above and beyond and definitely has made sure we got what we needed, both via his technical skills and his understanding of the business needs."