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Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) Support


What is EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution)?

EAS was the first email archiving software platform to enter the market well over a decade ago, originally developed to avoid excessive storage in an organization's Exchange environment. Over time, Exchange storage was no longer the issue and EAS evolved to support new messaging requirements as a result of regulatory and compliance requirements many organizations are faced with today. The latest version of EAS is enhanced to address compliance issues while complimenting your current email and data storage infrastructure, whether your environment resides fully on-premise or you're using a hybrid solution to support your live email and other workloads.

New EAS Features Support Information Governance
EAS addresses the ever-growing legal obligations organizations are faced with today offering many updated features and enhancements to easily search and identify your data to meet compliance requirements. The newest version of this enterprise archive solution has an array of modules, including EAS Supervisor for compliance supervision, EAS Discovery for legal discovery, Data Lifecycle Management to address records management needs and EAS Data Light to uncover and control data collections. Bishop is able to support these new modules, as well as legacy versions of EAS.


Bishop Certified Engineers are trained to support your EAS

Our team of EAS certified engineers understand where EAS came from, what's changed over time and how to assist you with the various features EAS offers today. With this latest EAS version, which is much more than an email archive, our teams can make sure you are leveraging the modules to properly govern your data. With features like EAS Discovery, EAS Supervisor and EAS Data Light, Bishop engineers are trained to support your teams with the technical aspects of legal holds, early case assessments, email supervision policies and audit trails, and uncover unstructured data with automated rule-based categorization and tagging features.  


Bishop EAS Support Services Overview

Bishop provides three different levels of support to oversee your EAS environment and leverage your enterprise archive solution to ensure it's running smoothly and you are best leveraging the features to meet your organization's data and governance requirements.

Bishop’s EAS Enhanced Support Service provides Capax Discovery (formerly HP Autonomy, and Zantaz) EAS support, to ensure the best in application uptime for business continuity by providing access to our technical support staff during business hours.

Here's how it works:

  • Bishop EAS support clients have access to a direct support line to connect with our team of EAS-certified engineers when they have a problem with their EAS archive (indexer not working, search results incorrect, unable to open archived emails, etc.).
  • Bishop will respond according to your SLA response time, and start diligently working to resolve the issue, and work to prevent it from reoccurring.
  • EAS ESS includes online product upgrade assistance, unlimited case submissions, and access to our knowledge base of EAS archive information.

Bishop has provided archive support for hundreds of clients, across several industries, including financial services, law firms, insurance, and healthcare. Our EAS support clients range from SMBs to enterprise clients. 

Bishop's EAS Support Levels

Features Silver Gold Platinum
Direct Support Availability Monday-Friday
8am-5pm CTS*
8am-5pm CTS*
SLA Case Response Time 24 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Annual Online Professional Services - 4 Hours 8 Hours
Additional Online Professional Services Discount -
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EAS Support

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