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Email Archive Management

As one of the first companies to implement and support enterprise email archiving, Bishop helps IT and Legal departments get ahead of data growth. By implementing archiving solutions and establishing policies, Bishop helps organizations minimize the challenges associated with data growth.

How have email archiving systems evolved?

Enterprise email archiving solutions first became popular because it was a way to save on storage costs. The typical businessperson sends and receives hundreds of emails a week. Those electronic communications quickly take up space on the server, making it run slower and less efficiently. Managing Microsoft Exchange space became increasingly difficult and expensive and on-premise email archiving systems offered a solution to offload the Exchange servers while also satisfying compliance requirements for financial organizations and other highly-regulated industries.

Today, Exchange manages data almost automatically, and unless you're in a highly-regulated industry, you may not need a 'traditional' enterprise email archive for compliance purposes. However, enterprise email archiving solutions still help tackle the world's ever-increasing data conundrum. Businesses and end-users want to retain data for extended periods of time, or forever, often because of legal discovery or end-user ease of finding data. The problem with keeping everything is that it often leads to inefficient systems and unnecessary legal risk.

Today's enterprise email archiving solutions focus on enforcing policies for defensible disposition of data, which:

  • Eases burden of eDiscovery
  • Minimizes risk
  • Gives users a reasonable level of access to data
  • Reduces time associated with backups and primary storage capacity
  • Helps effectively manage content

Bishop offers multiple enterprise email archiving systems solutions to meet your individual business requirements:

Native Archiving Methods with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365
These solutions allow you to keep everything, but also support defensible deletion of data, and provide policies for control. Learn more about Microsoft Archiving and our Azure-based Journal Archiving for Office 365 solution. 

Third Party Archiving Methods
Third-party On-Premise enterprise email archiving solutions are "compliance grade" and often used by highly regulated/litigated businesses, such as Financial Services or Healthcare. They allow you to keep separate copies of data for compliance and eDiscovery purposes. Third-party Cloud archives have more predictable costs, and less email archive management burden, but still offer many of the same benefits of on-premise solutions. Learn about Enterprise Vault Archiving Services

Manage In-Place
These solutions allow for retention management, preservation, and eDiscovery across Exchange, SharePoint and file shares, without requiring a separate enterprise email archive or expensive indexing infrastructure. You can effectively manage and tier information in its native repository without moving your data to a proprietary repository.

Email Archiving Solutions Comparison
There are benefits to each type of email archiving service. Native Archiving methods in Exchange or Office 365 allow IT Administrators to take care of email operations and email archive management in one central location. Third-party archives offer the most comprehensive and robust archiving capabilities since they’re dedicated enterprise email archiving solutions. While third-party on-premise and cloud archives have many of the same features, cloud email archiving services require less capital expense and are easier to manage centrally.

How do you choose the right email archive management solution?

Not every company needs an expensive enterprise email archive. Some companies want to give a lot of flexibility to their end users while some want a systematic and legally defensible way to delete data based on retention policies. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Request a Data Profiling Assessment to see what types of data you have and what the best solution is for your data and your organization.


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