Journal Archive for Office 365 

Office 365 users can now journal archive using an Azure-based solution that serves as the platform for an elastic journal archive and search. Bishop has the solution that allows for compliance journal archiving and discovery in Microsoft Azure offering convenience, low cost and zero lock-in.

Azure-based journal archiving with zero lock-in 

Using a Microsoft Azure-based solution, it serves as the platform for this low-cost, elastic journal archive and search offering convenience, low cost, zero lock-in and much more. 

  • Scalable, resilient
  • Search, holds
  • Bank-grade security
  • WORM storage
  • No hardware
  • No licensing

How is journal archiving in Azure different?

With Office 365, many organizations enable Legal Hold across their entire tenant, which is not the best solution for search and discovery. Bishop offers a solution that allows you to journal in Azure and enabling discovery capabilities, regardless of what your license level is in Office 365.

How it works

  1. Establish SMTP servers to capture messages in EML format from Exchange or Office 365 and write them to file storage
  2. Message queue captures the messages on the SMTP server with envelope processing
  3. Messages are sent via the virtual cloud gateway to Azure
  4. Search with a powerful eDiscovery interface without purchasing E5 licensing

What you can do with journaling in Azure

  • Auditing and litigation hold
  • Custodian and Keyword Search
  • Policy-scoped indexing
  • Hit Highlighting and ranking
  • Cases, case export and case level authority
  • WORM retention


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Azure-based Journal Archive