Veritas Enterprise Vault Services

Veritas Enterprise Vault Services


Veritas Enterprise Vault, formerly known as Symantec Enterprise Vault, provides a central archive platform to optimize storage, offering retention and defensible deletion features with improved search and eDiscovery capabilities to meet your business requirements.

  • Enterprise Vault is the leading on-premise archive solution, number one in the world
  • Offering innovative features that allow for more control and flexibility to support your mailbox archiving needs
  • Archive files systems, attachments in SAP® databases, and metadata for video and audio

Enterprise Vault mailbox and journal archiving
Enterprise Vault Mailbox archiving allows for mail to be managed more efficiently and in a cost effective manner in regards to retaining and categorizing user’s email. This feature of Enterprise Vault will allow individual user’s to have their own mailbox archives, which hold their email that has been archived using policies set at the Administrative level. The process removes mail from its native environment and places it in low cost storage to reduce the load utilization of more expensive Tier 1 storage.  To meet an increasing number of regulatory and compliance requirements, many organizations must maintain records for longer periods of time and maintain an independent copy of such mail which is where journaling comes in. Enterprise Vault journal archiving provides a powerful component of the archive tool that facilitates long term storage of journal mailbox data. With a separate copy of mail stored in its own pool and archive, it allows for legal discoveries to take place, ensuring all mail is present, despite what occurs within an end user’s mailbox.

Enterprise Vault for search and discovery
Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator provides IT/Legal liaisons, investigators, lawyers, paralegals and HR professionals the ability to search, preserve and review information across the organization. Discovery Accelerator enables the centralized search, preservation and review of this content from a single user interface. Multiple databases can be created within Discovery Accelerator so data can be segregated and secured for specific groups in  your organization built with scalability in mind to help search across petabytes of data from multiple content sources. Discovery Accelerator is easily administered by IT and operated by Legal and HR with secure permissions to enable granular control of sensitive data.

Whether you plan to move to or from the Enterprise Vault archive platform, our migration tool is fast and easy
Bishop uses the fastest, most accurate tool designed on the market for migrating email archives from legacy platforms such Enterprise Vault. When planning to migrate your archives to Enterprise Vault or for your legacy application retirement, our migration solution and support services assure that the migration meets your business needs and provides minimal changes for your end-users. Learn more about Bishop's migration solutions 

Maximize your Enterprise Vault Archive ROI with Bishop Virtual IT Services

  • A knowledgeable Enterprise Vault services engineer at Bishop will perform daily/weekly/monthly tasks to properly maintain and maximize the archive's performance
  • Enterprise Vault services are readily accessible through Bishop VRA viable knowledge transfer to your IT teams

A designated Bishop engineer is assigned to stabilize, maintain, and enhance your email Enterprise Vault archive

Bishop Virtual Resident Admin (VRA) is an IT support service offering an experienced and certified engineer who is assigned to your Administrator Team to support IT. They are fully capable of project implementations and management, running system health checks and monitoring, fulfilling daily/weekly/monthly reporting requirements and transferring knowledge to your team. Our primary goal is to allow companies that do not have the expertise or resources to care for their archive environment, the opportunity to be immediately prepared and properly staffed. Learn more about Bishop's Virtual IT Services for Enterprise Vault. 



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