Cloud Compute Solutions & Services


Why consider cloud computing services?

In the last few years, we have seen an explosive growth in the use of the public cloud and cloud computing. Smaller and mid-size businesses are embracing the cloud to support their business needs and have been seeking cloud computing services for the past few years. Much of the new growth is coming from larger organizations who are adopting public cloud computing for hosting business applications that require high availability and scalability to meet their fluctuating demand cost effectively. Smaller businesses can also reap the benefits of replacing their IT infrastructure costs with cloud computing services, and realize significant savings. This is especially true for businesses with distributed operations, or limited IT staff.

Bishop cloud computing services performs cloud readiness and cloud workload assessments to evaluate your infrastructure and develop a cloud compute strategy that's right for your organization. Together, we will work with your IT team to properly align solutions and support your execution plan to properly provision your virtual workload environment to Microsoft Azure.

There are 3 fundamentals business drivers that support the decision to move to consider a cloud computing provider:

Speed and Agility to support growth and change, almost instantly

With minutes instead of days or weeks to procure and provision servers, the pace of innovation has dramatically increased. Reduced ‘time to develop’ and ‘time to market’ means your IT can be much more agile in servicing needs of the business units or developers in a self-service provisioning environment. Companies are embracing cloud compute services and enabling innovation into their infrastructure support to help their businesses move forward against the competition. In fact, it is the speed and agility lacking in IT due to high resource demands that has resulted in what many call “Shadow IT” where business units are resorting to using credit cards to procure cloud computing resources outside of the purview of the IT.

Scalable cloud services address immediate resource needs

Cloud compute gives you an almost infinite set of resources. Your applications will enjoy scalable cloud hosting services with massive global scale, which can easily scale up or down depending on the demand. That means, you never have to worry about running out of capacity or worry about over-provisioning. You use just enough resources that support your needs - nothing more, nothing less. You can also ensure you're maximizing computing performance and capacity with storage tiering.  

With cloud compute, you take advantage of a pay-as-you-go predictable expense model

In a cloud compute environment, like Microsoft Azure, you are paying only for what you use in the cloud, which in itself saves an organization money for any application that has variable computing needs. Your cloud computing services costs fluctuate based on need, whether the demands increase or decrease, within minutes.

You also reduce cloud services cost with rapid scale-down versus having to pay for over-provisioned hardware and data center floor space. You can, on the fly, build out your architecture through increased cloud services to support additional business demands. And when business slows down or something needs to be stopped, you no longer pay for the infrastructure space you need at the time demand is high. 

For some organizations, there is also an additional benefit of changing CapEX to OpEX, which frees up capital from infrastructure investments so it can be put to other uses and support other business needs.