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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Different organizations have different needs and demands on how secure they have to have their data, whether it needs to be completely locked down and not accessible by the Internet at all, or for their own comfort level. Some organizations choose services based on legal requirements imposing specific security measures or management direction based on company goals and business objectives. Just as there are options for the type of cloud computing service an organization opts for, they may also have a particular cloud provider in mind or they explore provider solutions and options available. After exploring the service options available to meet the varying degree of business uses and requirements, you'll oftentimes see organizations put certain workloads in the cloud, but they don't put everything there. There's a very broad range of business needs and different cloud solutions.

How do you know what the differences are between private cloud or public cloud, and how can you leverage both? Leveraging both is what is typically referred to as a Hybrid Cloud. Not to be confused with a Hybrid data infrastructure, which also adds on-premises servers into the mix of using cloud computing, to meet all business units, end-user and customer needs.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Provider

By choosing a Hybrid Cloud Solution, the biggest gain is flexibility. You have the availability of levering both a more secure private resource and scalable cost effective resources in a public cloud giving your organization more opportunities to explore different avenues to meet the varying degree of business needs.


Bishop Cloud Solutions

Bishop cloud infrastructure services helps your organization navigate its cloud options holistically. As your provider, we’ll help you effectively transition backups, file shares, messaging, and more to take advantage of cloud benefits.

What are the best uses for the cloud for your organization? Bishop Cloud Readiness Assessments can help determine how to best leverage a cloud solution. Once your current environment is assessed we’ll help you design your cloud infrastructure strategy for maximum benefit.


Related Cloud Options

Public Cloud Service

Public cloud uses a shared infrastructure across multiple organizations in a virtualized environment that is accessible over a public network, like the internet. Some companies may have security concerns around this type of sharing environment where your data resides on the same physical storage system as someone else's. Read more about Public Cloud.

Private Cloud Service

Private cloud is where you have a host provider offer up their infrastructure and dedicate its use for your business only, segregated from anybody else's systems, providing you with potentially better security benefits, as a result. Read more about Private Cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud