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What is Private Cloud?

Prior to the use of the term cloud, people were essentially using a private cloud infrastructure through the use of a hosting service, often referred to as Internet Service Providers (ISVs) which consisted of a data center where hardware and systems were contained. This virtual private cloud, in a way, is an evolution of that concept, where you have a host provider offer up their infrastructure and dedicate its use for your business only, segregated from anybody else's systems, providing you with potentially better security benefits, as a result. Financial industries and other organizations dealing with highly sensitive data are often times regulated with regard to the security and accessibility of their data, which a Private Cloud lends itself nicely to.

You may feel more secure in a dedicated environment but there are some downsides in comparison to a shared infrastructure. First, because you are in a more secured environment, it may be more difficult to get access to your data from remote locations. Second, you are not able to leverage the same kinds of economies of scale and cost reduction as you do in a public cloud environment. Typically, your initial outlay is higher and may take some time to even out to the cost of using a share cloud environment, especially for smaller organizations.

In the cloud compute world, the Private Cloud comes closest to a more traditional model, with the advantages of virtualization.

The Benefits of a Virtual Private Cloud 

  • SECURITY - You have a hosted environment but it's one that is dedicated to a single organization, which becomes your proprietary architecture to support your data
  • CONTROL - Private Cloud provides you the ability to provision machines and change computing resources on demand
  • SCALABILITY - Also referred to as cloud bursting, the environment and its resources are scalable to meet upward and downward needs of a higher secured infrastructure. In essence, it allows the provider to switch certain non-sensitive functions to a public cloud to free up that secured space. 

Bishop Cloud Solutions

Bishop cloud infrastructure services helps your organization navigate its cloud options holistically. We’ll help you effectively transition backups, file shares, messaging, and more to take advantage of cloud benefits. 

What are the best uses for the cloud for your organization? Bishop Cloud Readiness Assessments can help determine how to best leverage a cloud solution. Once your current environment is assessed we’ll help you design your cloud infrastructure strategy for maximum benefit.

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