Azure Cloud Backup


Azure Cloud Backup is a service for backing up and restoring company data in the Microsoft cloud. Instead of relying on expensive and time consuming tape backups, streamline your backups with this cloud-based solution to ensure security, and save time and lower costs.

  • Simplify backup operations

  • Ensure data protection with a dependable and scalable backup solution

  • Let Bishop help your organization determine how to best utilize Azure cloud backup and Azure Recovery Services along with your archiving, and data management solutions

Azure storage backup protects vital business applications and data whether it resides in on-premise, hybrid or cloud environments. Azure file storage allows you to migrate on-premise applications to Azure without rewrites and lets you share data across on-premise and cloud servers.

Key Benefits of Azure Cloud Backup and Azure Recovery Services

Easy Management
Using a pay-as-you-use consumption model, your storage is easily allocated and managed in the cloud. With Azure Backup, there is no need for capital expenses to support on-premise storage devices.

Utilizing the power of the Azure cloud, Azure Storage backup allows you to scale up or down without having to pay for the increased maintenance, security, and management.

Storage Options
Based on your organization’s requirements, you can choose locally redundant storage, which helps protect against local hardware failures, or a geo-replication storage, which provides extra copies in paired datacenters to ensure that your company’s backup is highly available.

Unlimited data transfer
When it comes time to use Azure Recovery services, there is no cost for restoring data from the backup vault. It is also free to get data into Azure. There is no limit to the amount of data recovered, or frequency of data recoveries.

Data encryption
All data transferred and stored in the public Azure cloud is encrypted and only the client has access to the encryption key needed to restore data. Not even Microsoft has access to the encryption key.

Long-term retention
Clients can set retention periods of up to 99 years, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly retention options. Azure provides a low cost option compared with off-site tape backup with much less of the management hassle. 

Flexible Network Management
After the original backup, subsequent backups are incremental so you are not tying up bandwidth transferring the same data repeatedly. The Azure Backup agent also provides network throttling so work-hour data transfers don’t interfere with other internet traffic.


Bishop can help manage your Azure Backup and Recovery

With our 13 year history centered on archiving storage and backups, we are the go-to partner when it comes to building an organizational backup strategy. Bishop works with your organization to provide a complete management service around Azure Backup by first helping to plan the backup process, execute it, and manage it moving forward. We can also provide the Azure storage needed or work within your own Azure subscription.

Azure Backup