Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Are you prepared to recover your data when Disaster strikes? Are you considering the cloud for quick and affordable disaster recovery? If you’re planning to eliminate your company’s data center, the Microsoft cloud is a great solution for data protection and your IT disaster recovery plan.


What is Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Azure Site Recovery
A disaster recovery plan allows you to continue normal business operations in the event of an outage. Disaster recovery services can help you replicate, failover, and recover workloads and applications so they’re available even if your location is not.


Why Choose Cloud Disaster Recovery?

A Disaster Recovery plan can be easily executed in the cloud. Without requiring extensive capital expenses and maintenance, your organization can trust that your site will recover quickly and fully with Azure Site Recovery. Some companies prefer to keep everything on-premise or fully under their control, but it’s not always feasible for small or medium size organizations due to high costs. Even enterprise companies can benefit from the economies of scale that come with the cloud.

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Predictable Costs

With Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions, organizations don’t have to worry about costs associated with setting up and maintaining a data center. No building, no cooling, and no hardware – all of that is built into the cloud solution. You pay a predictable price without having to worry about the infrastructure supporting your disaster recovery plan.

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Quick Recovery

If a disaster leaves your site out of commission, cloud disaster recovery solutions can spin up your environment on the spot to reduce downtime, and in best cases, make downtime unnoticeable to your customers.

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Since your disaster recovery solution is continuously synced with your secondary site, it will be scaled up and down depending on your production site characteristics. The flexibility of the cloud enables you to pay only for what you use.

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Security and privacy are inherent components of Microsoft Azure and site recovery. You can depend on Azure Site Recovery to protect your business from disaster and data loss.







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