Enterprise File Sync & Share

Enterprise File Sync & Share

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Office 365 or your SharePoint Server, and provides a place in the cloud where you can store, share, and sync your work files. Bishop can help you migrate and manage all the elements of your enterprise file sync and share strategy and experience.

Storing and Sharing Files
The functionality of OneDrive for Business allows for users in your organization to realize the rich benefits of storing and sharing up to 1TB of data within the Microsoft cloud. This allows full organized control of your enterprise file sync and share strategy.

Syncing Process

All files sync pretty much in real time, depending on connection. Even co-existing files that are being edited in two different places (for instance, a shared word document) have real time syncing ability.

Enterprise Management

Access to user files and data is virtually anywhere a device can be operated. From a desktop or laptop, or even a mobile device, users can access their data and information easily and quickly. Office 365 Groups is also an integral portion of utilizing OneDrive for Business, where users can connect and create email distribution user groups to collaborate and share information with a collaborative OneDrive spot.

How can Bishop help me define my EFSS experience?

It starts with a conversation and a strategy. Bishop consultants and engineers will work with you to help define your business IT goals, and carve out a solution path incorporating tools and best practice strategies for your IT Tool Environment.

Answer these questions and contact Bishop

  • What are your high-level business goals?
  • How does your Microsoft Environment need to improve?
  • What do your end users need in an Enterprise File Sync Share Strategy?
  • How can Bishop help you make an effective transition?



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