What is eDiscovery

Ensure that valuable, relevant information is preserved in a reliable, compliant, and accessible way to meet compliance, litigation, and legal hold.

Carry out in-place hold, query and export with eDiscovery in Office 365. Save time and money, and reduce risk with this native solution.

eDiscovery is the process of finding and securing relevant information related to litigation. In the case of litigation your company is liable for your electronically stored information (ESI), which includes email, instant messages, social media posts, web posts, and files. In a civil procedure companies will search and discover relevant information contained within these formats to plead their case.

Why do you need an eDiscovery solution?

Compliance and privacy laws often require companies to retain, delete, and/or secure these records and associated metadata. While some regulations are industry specific, the FRCP applies to all companies both public and private. Any organization in any industry that has the potential for involvement in litigation within the US federal court system should be able to produce emails requested as evidence in a federal court case in their native format. In December 2006 the FRCP amendments went into effect mandating companies to be prepared for electronic discovery. The organization must know where their data is, how to retrieve it, how it is stored and meet data requests determining what data will not be subject to search in a timely manner.

In the case of litigation, a company may be asked to find, preserve and present any ESI. Finding these documents can be a daunting task if unprepared; organizations that do not have an automated system in place to help them effectively store, search and retrieve email data in real-time, can result in high costs to prepare and present. In some instances, failure to produce the requested data in a timely fashion may even lead to the loss of a lawsuit.

Bishop offers several eDiscovery solutions from various eDiscovery vendors to support your organization. These solutions sort, filter, and de-duplicate unstructured, unarchived and uncategorized data. Using leading edge indexing and data discovery tools, you’ll be able to find essential data in a fraction of the time. Once found these important pieces of information can be placed into structured content management or held and retained in the event of litigation.

Choosing the right eDiscovery solution - Bishop can help

Bishop’s Discovery Assessments will help identify your organization’s unique requirements for eDiscovery and file analysis. From the assessment reports, Bishop can recommend a course of action to ensure your eDiscovery strategy meets your needs.