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Bishop works with your IT team to ensure the right people, processes, and solutions are in place for a successful migration, which allows you to positively transform your information strategy.

Data migration

Data migrations offer the opportunity to change policies and procedures around information management, and are often the first step in a solid information management strategy. In recent years there has been lots of change in the IT landscape – there are new strategies around information lifecycle management, retention, and deletion. Rather than sticking with what you know, take advantage of new capabilities and information governance approaches. Database migration considerations are also a great time to analyze current data sets and to do some cleanup. It’s a transformative process that allows you to make intelligent decisions on how data is accessed and managed going forward. At Bishop, data migrations are not just about dumping data from one bucket to another – migrations are focused on the information itself and identifying how it is best discovered, accessed and processed.

Why are companies migrating their data?

  • To retire legacy and systems that are EOL or no longer supported
  • To leverage the cost-savings of the cloud
  • To consolidate infrastructure to save on management/overhead costs (often the case for M&As)
  • To take advantage of more efficient, lower cost and lower risk solutions

Other Migration Solutions

Public Folder Migration 

Most organizations who have moved to Office 365 or are planning to have, and will be, dealing with migrating their Public Folders. Bishop understands the issues around moving Public Folders and offers a solution that eliminates the problems IT staff face, while providing an easy way to discover and understand the entire Public Folder hierarchy. Now you can seamlessly migrate your current Public Folder environment while staying active during the migration process. Learn more about our Public Folder Migration solution - it's simple and fast!

PST Collection and Migration 

PST’s are personal archives that end-users keep to hold their email locally. Many times organizations are unsure of where these PST’s are located, or what they contain, which can increase corporate and legal risk. PST’s tend to take up excess storage, which is often unnecessary, when on, or moving to, Office 365. Bishop will scan and collect PST files from servers and laptops, centralize them, and migrate PSTs to Office 365 or Exchange.

Migration from Proprietary Archives 

Email archives can be several times larger than an organization’s Exchange environment, and moving those archives in tandem with Exchange mailboxes requires precise coordination and preparation. When considering legacy application retirement Bishop understands that email archives are proprietary platforms and were meant to ingest, not extract, email. It’s critical that you have tools that can work, without limiting archive API’s, in order to provide the speed and accuracy needed to complete the migration successfully. Bishop uses the fastest, most accurate tool designed on the market for migrating email archives from legacy platforms, such as EAS, Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault.cloud, Mimosa NearPoint, SourceOne and EmailXtender.

When planning for your legacy application retirement, we make sure the Archive Migration tool works together with our Live Mail migration solution to provide a comprehensive transition to Office 365 that aligns with your archive policy, assuring that the migration provides minimal changes for your end-users.

Migration of file system and SharePoint Data

Migrating a SharePoint site from an on-premise SharePoint farm to SharePoint Online in Office 365 is not as straightforward as it may seem. Bishop’s SharePoint migration service will guide organizations through the migration process step by step to make the most of what Office 365 has to offer. In many cases, data migration may not be a simple ‘fork lift’ from one type of repository to a newer (or cloud) version of the same repository. A perfect example are file shares. Many organizations would like to move general file share data from Windows servers or NAS devices into the appropriate portal in SharePoint, or home directories to OneDrive for Business. This requires intelligent identification, policy application and transformation of the data as part of the migration process.

Migration of Mailboxes

Migrations in Exchange can be complicated, and monitoring the movement of the mailboxes can be challenging. Bishop can manage your Exchange mailbox migration from Exchange to Office 365, or even Office 365 to Office 365 (if moving or splitting a tenant). Bishop can also migrate from Gmail to Office 365. Bishop will schedule and run the migration, and also handle end-user notifications during each step of the process to communicate changes to access, making it seamless for end-users.

Application Migration

In many cases, migrating to the cloud includes the re-configuration or transformation of applications that are currently running on-premises. This can include secondary instances for continuity, hybrid configurations to allow dynamic scalability, switching from existing on-premises messaging and collaboration systems to cloud-based services, or application retirement.

Every customer has a different set of business problems with different sets of variables and a varying degree of application types to support their line of business. When considering an application migration, you need to look at each application's security and compliance requirements to determine which workloads you should keep on-premises and what steps you need to take for your application migration workloads to the cloud.

Whatever the challenge, Bishop can assist you with Office 365, Azure or other cloud-based application services to streamline and cost effectively manage your IT systems.

Why trust Bishop with your data and email migration?

Bishop works with industry leaders and innovative companies that specialize in data and email migration tools. Our Architects work with Bishop Account and Project Management teams to research the best database migration and email migration solutions that support a varying degree of client requirements to move data securely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Having been in the email and email archive business for more than a decade, Bishop has the experience and knowledge to bring the right solutions to our clients. Especially when considering a legacy archive move as part of your migration plan. We choose partners who have proven success with their email archive and email migration tools. Our strategic partners align with our client service standards bringing the highest level of development teams and support services to you. Learn more about our Data Migration Services.

Migration Vendors We Work With:

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For legacy application retirement support:

Mimosa NearPoint Migration Support 

Mimosa NearPoint has a history of product acquisitions and system-end-of-life support which is why the majority of companies are moving off of this legacy archive platform. Bishop provides a proven migration tool optimized specifically for Mimosa NearPoint archives. Learn more about Mimosa NearPoint Migration Support. 

Zantaz EAS Migration Support

Bishop has extensive experience with the EAS archive product and our team of engineers have migrated numerous client EAS archives to another on-premises archive, Exchange or Office 365. Learn more about Zantaz EAS Migration Support.

EMC EmailXtender & SourceOne Migration Support 

EMC introduced EmailXtender for their email archive solution, later replaced by SourceOne. Many companies are getting away from third party archives in favor of native archive functions in Exchange and Office 365. Learn more about EMC EmailXtender & SourceOne Migration Support.  

Veritas Enterprise Vault Migration Support

Whether changing, upgrading or merging your organization’s messaging or archive platform, Bishop’s proven migration process will reduce the costs, complexities and timeline of your migration project. Learn more about Veritas (previously Symantec) Enterprise Vault Migration Support