EAS Migration Support

EAS Migration Support

EAS Support Services with Bishop ESS

  • Bishop EAS support clients gain access to a direct support line to connect with our team of EAS certified engineers, with a Bishop Enhanced Support Service (ESS) plan to support clients keeping their on-premise legacy archive

  • EAS ESS provides online product upgrade assistance, unlimited case submissions and 4-hour SLA response time (for our Gold plan)* EAS ESS Support Plans

  • Bishop support clients have access to our knowledge base of highly trained EAS engineers and our web portal and files site  

*The Bishop Gold Enhanced Support Services provides HP Autonomy EAS support, formerly Zantaz EAS support, to ensure the best in application uptime for business continuity by providing access to our technical support staff during business hours.


Migration Managed Services for EAS

Migrating to EAS or planning to retire your legacy archive?

Bishop uses the fastest, most accurate tool designed on the market for migrating email archives from legacy platforms such Zantaz EAS. When planning your EAS legacy application retirement, our migration solution and Zantaz EAS support services assure that the migration meets your business needs and provides minimal changes for your end-users. Learn more about Bishop Migration Managed Services.

How to maximize ROI for your EAS archive

  • A knowledgeable enterprise archive solutions engineer at Bishop will perform daily/weekly/monthly tasks to properly maintain and maximize the archive's performance

  • EAS services are readily accessible through Bishop VRA viable knowledge transfer to your IT teams

Bishop VRA is insurance for your EAS archive!

A Bishop Virtual Resident Admin (VRA) is an experienced and certified engineer who is assigned to your Administrator Team to support IT. They are fully capable of project implementations and management, running system health checks and monitoring, fulfilling daily/weekly/monthly reporting requirements and transferring knowledge to your team. So when a company loses their IT expert or cannot maintain ongoing training to support past and future product upgrades, your resources are not affected by downtown, scrambling for resources or bringing another third party up-to-speed on the situation. This all can amount to costly time spent, when Bishop's VRA provides uninterrupted Zantaz EAS support with control and full responsibility of the archive tasks at hand. Our primary goal is to allow companies that do not have that expertise or the resources the opportunity to be immediately prepared and properly staffed. Learn more about our virtual IT services for EAS.