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Options for your EmailXtender/SourceOne Legacy Archives

Bishop has the expertise, tools and support to help you move data from your EmailXtender or SourceOne environment, to the next destination in your comprehensive IT business strategy.

With EMC's replacement of EmailXtender with EMC SourceOne, many organizations were left wondering what to do with their EmailXtender archives. Many organizations upgraded to EMC SourceOne to take advantage of the newer technology. Some organizations chose to migrate portions of their data to the cloud or other archives, while others have retired their legacy archive and data based on their own organization's retention policies. 

Migrating away from EmailXtender or SourceOne can provide your organization many benefits, including:

  • Ability to utilize a platform that offers support and regular maintenance updates.
  • Achieve efficiencies and more cost-effective options for their data, over EmailXtender.
  • Opportunity to analyze, consolidate or eliminate old or dark data before moving to a new platform.

Legacy Archive Support

Bishop can provide you with strategic options for your current EmailXtender or SourceOne environment, to help you support and/or migrate to other platforms or archives of your choice. Contact Bishop to learn more about your options, and how we can support you.


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