Gmail Migration Support

Migrate from Gmail to Office 365

As with many formats from legacy archives and email systems, the choice to migrate can be a challenging decision. Our goal at Bishop is to make the transition from Gmail to Office 365 an easy one, for your IT administration team and for your end users.

What is involved in moving your Email from Gmail to Office 365?

  • The process to migrate starts with discussing and outlining your goals with our Senior Architects and Engineering staff. Bishop will determine a plan of action based on your ultimate productivity and business goals.
  • Our Bishop staff will determine an intelligent path to migrate from the source to your desired destination, including outlining all resources required to get the engagement completed successfully and quickly.

The Benefits of Moving

  • Many of the robust enterprise business and productivity features of Office 365 make it a better choice for organizations, which is why many companies choose to migrate email from Gmail to Office 365
  • All contacts and address books are able to be moved (in most cases) from Gmail to Office 365 without issue
  • Depending on the tools and software you utilize, Office 365 could be a more affordable option versus Gmail

How Does the Google Email Migration Tool Work?

  • It's as simple as providing Bishop a list of the users you want to migrate, and when you want to proceed with the migration, Bishop will take it from there!
  • Bishop utilizes software toolsets that comb legacy archives and email at the database and storage levels, copy data, and transfer it safely into Office 365. 

How Can Bishop Help You Migrate?

  • Bishop's engagement teams will work with you and your team prior to your Gmail to Office 365 migration
  • With the completion of a thorough work order, Bishop will immediately begin outlining a project plan for your migration
  • Contact Bishop to get started on migrating from Gmail to Office 365