Microsoft Migration Support

Migrate to Office 365

Bishop Can Help You Safely and Quickly Arrive to Your Microsoft Office 365 Destination

Whether you have been a Microsoft-centric organization for many years or for a very little amount of time, Bishop can assist you in moving to the right platform that meets your growth and productivity needs for the future. Whether it is advising on an Exchange migration or deciding to migrate PSTs to Office 365, Bishop is your trusted authority in getting you from point A to point B.

Migrate Exchange to Office 365

One of the most common migrations within the Microsoft world, is an Exchange to Office 365 migration. Bishop partners with several Microsoft-approved vendors that provide Exchange migration tools to make the process successful.

One of the key aspects to every Exchange migration is creating a project flow that enacts a staged server migration. This process allows for a seamless transition with zero downtime for users in your organization.

Migrate PST to Office 365

Many organizations have historically utilized PST files as a way of storing and archiving emails from Outlook. Housing PST's often makes it hard to discover and find information for eDiscovery or search purposes. Bishop can easily help recover and migrate your PSTs to Office 365.

Migrate SharePoint to Office 365

There are several things to think about when an organization decides to migrate SharePoint to Office 365. Deciding what parts of your organization, and more specifically what content you want to migrate to Office 365 is essential in determining an efficient and easy way to move to the cloud. 

In most instances when an organization plans to migrate SharePoint, the current version of SharePoint and 3rd party applications that are currently being utilized are an important consideration that come in to play, especially when thinking about moving older on-premise versions of SharePoint. Bishop can help determine what is required for your SharePoint environment before proceeding to migrate to Office 365.

Office 365 is not the only end destination option for SharePoint content. Depending on the defined business goals, moving to Azure or considering moving current servers could be the best and most cost-effective solution for some organizations.