Mimosa NearPoint Support Services

Mimosa NearPoint Support Services


Knowing Your Options: Mimosa/NearPoint Email Archiving Support and Migration

In years past, NearPoint was a popular archive option offered by Mimosa Systems. After several acquisitions, the product was eventually bought by HP, and has since been retired. There is no ongoing product development or Mimosa support, leaving many organizations stuck with this aging system and ‘trapped’ archive data.

Organizations that utilize Mimosa/NearPoint for their archive solution, are quickly coming to terms with the end of Mimosa/NearPoint support for their legacy archive. Bishop has the expertise, tools and support to help you move data from your Mimosa/NearPoint environment, to a more strategic archive destination, which will increase compliance and decrease management headaches caused by an end-of-life archive system. 

Why should you migrate your legacy Mimosa NearPoint archive?

  • Take advantage of the new and enhanced features in more current email archive systems
  • Reduce costs associated with maintenance of a legacy archive
  • Enhance compliance and governance
  • Consolidate systems and centralize archive management with a solution like Office 365 that provides native archiving functionality
  • Move from an on-premise/CapEX model to a Cloud/OpEX model

Finding ongoing Mimosa support services can be a difficult task; the best option is to find a new destination or platform for your legacy archive data. Bishop can offer many archive alternatives with newer platforms to replace your Mimosa NearPoint archive. We have helped many NearPoint clients migrate their archive to more effective systems, quickly and effectively. 

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